As some of you may know my dear Wife Barbara has passed away.
I am sure you will understand if I send out this thank you for your thoughts, well wishes and condolences to all of you and not reply to each at this time.

The kindness and thoughtfulness of everyone has been heart warming.

The project Barbara loved so dearly, the Barbara Bova Literary Agency, will continue but for this period will not be taking on new clients.

Among her many talents Barbara had an MSW degree,  she had worked for Senator Abraham Ribicoff, in his Hartford CT office.
Mother, Grandmother, great Friend, she was also the Co-author of "Survival Guide for the Suddenly Single".
Barbara became a very successful and respected literary agent, combining the skills she learned in social work with her interest in good reading to help new writers find their markets.


Death gets us all, sooner or later.
It makes you feel helpless.
Especially me, who’s spent lifetime writing about the wonders of science and the bright prospects of the future.
The people of Avow Hospice of Naples were wonderful in easing her pain at the end.
If you want to memorialize Barbara, please send a check to Avow or your local Hospice.

With many thanks,

Ben Bova